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Villa Irene is an all year vacation and party playground! If it’s a place for family, friends, business retreats you want, we’ve got it! Peaceful break in a natural setting with breathtaking views? Yep! We have a little bit of everything and a lot of what you are looking for no matter your needs! Please take your time and tour through our website.



Enjoy restful sleep in our unique cosy cottage secluded in nature

Pondside Nest

Pond-side nest

Daydream, meditate or recharge your spirit in our pondside Nest and experience the  soothing sound of the pond, surrounding forest,  peace and serenity of nature

Breathtaking Views


The location is surrounded by nature and  is truly breath taking. Sit back, relax and listen to the eagles cry…

Finnish Smoke Sauna

Smoke sauna

Relax, sweat and keep warm in our outdoor smoke sauna or indoor wood sauna.

Hot tub parties

Hot tub

Great for any occasion in even the worst of finnish weather – there is something very satisfying about being in a warm wood fired Hottub outside while the rain and snow is lashing on you as you stargaze .

Ice hole swimming

Icehole swimming

Want something exotic? Why not try ice hole swimming at Villa Irene


imagesCA8LILS3 In house massage and spa services

Grill house


Relax, keep warm and grill in our open fire grill house with a fireside chat among friends and family.

Camp fire


Gather the firewood, light a campfire  and share  stories, roast marshmallows and  also sing a few campfire songs with loved ones.